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Nandar Matari

More joy through the Matari Meditation System™

Nandar Matari is the CEO and founder of Matari Training International, an organization that trains individuals and companies around the world to incorporate the powerful practice of meditation in their daily work routine. She is also the creator of the Matari Meditation System™, which helps ambitious leaders and change makers achieve more in their lives and careers through powerful meditations that produce tangible results in 15 minutes or less.

Nandar’s meditation journey began more than 30 years ago in Myanmar (Burma) where she was born and raised. Her interest in meditation, mindfulness, and healing was piqued as she learned from the many Buddhis monks and masters of her homeland. As she traveled the world working in corporate settings, she discovered her passion for teaching others and thus Matari Training International was born.

On a mission to inspire people to meditate to reduce stress & anxieties, to promote better mental health, to bring more joy and happiness, and to create harmonious society by promoting higher consciousness & peace in our world — Nandar is passionate about bringing peace to your life and to the world through meditation.


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