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Reduce employee turnover and burnout with Matari Meditation Method™.

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Private and group programs for high-achieving leaders who want to live a more peaceful life. 

Yoga at the Park

Fully immerse yourself in peaceful meditation at one of our meditation retreats around the world.

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Our Mission

Promoting higher consciousness & peace in our world.

Why Matari?

  • What is Meditation?
    Meditation is a tool to rewire our brain and retrain how we think and what we feel. It is an exercise to train our brain and our mind by concentrating and focusing on breath, a sound, a visual image or sensations of our body to increase The body awareness, Concentration power of mind and Consciousness of our feelings, thoughts and emotions. With time, we will understand the correlation between our mind, body and emotions. We will Be able to build more positive feelings and attitudes Be more emotionally intelligent Be able to make better decision and Become more productive as we can control our thoughts and emotions
  • Benefits of Meditation
    It is scientifically proven that meditation can Promote physical and mental health Prevent diseases and increase longevity Regulate emotions assisting to have better sleep quality Develop greater brain functions, enlarging the prefrontal cortax which control the whole function of the brain Increasing the quality of neuropaths Increasing creativity and decision making abilities Exceeding academic performance and achievements Meditation will change your view and interaction with the world forever. Observing the hundreds and thousands of meditators, you will go through five stages of development when you goes through your meditation journey You will have more awareness in your daily life and understand your feelings and emotions and people around you better. You will let go of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings which are no longer serving you You will develop more self love and self acceptance, seeing things with higher perspectives. You will start living your happiness, peace, love and freedom in your daily life. You will understand your situation on a deeper level, seeing the correlation between your life event. You will see the norms of the society while you will be able to acquire a clear vision for yourself. You will comprehend the universal or spiritual laws at a more profound level through your first hand experience of meditation and living those laws in your daily life. You will be able to develop total personal freedom or enlightenment in your life. If someone reaches a higher brain wave (Theta) through meditation, our brain can rejuvenate by itself and it also has a substantial effect on our brain. After 8 consecutive weeks of meditation, the small brain or reptilian brain (Amedila), where we control our emotion, gets smaller. Consequently, meditators reduce stress and anxieties and are able to control their emotions better. On the other hand the frontal part of the brain or prefrontal Cortex, which controls the whole function of our brain, becomes larger. As a result, meditators increase their brain function and develop more neuro paths. Meditators can work longer hours compared to non-meditators.
  • What is Matari Meditation Methods™?
    Matari Meditation Method is designed for high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs to experience the instant calm, peace and productivity without spending years of hours to meditate. All meditation is NOT the same. The quality of the meditation depends on the approach you learn and how much it can change your brain wave while you are practicing it. Matari Meditation Method is the combination of 15-minutes guided meditation and learning universal laws or meta-physics laws to live in daily lives to change our perspectives about ourselves and situation around us. Matari Mediation Method is designed including all 4 different types of meditation. Body meditation, Mind meditation, Emotional Meditation and Wisdom Meditation Body Meditation focuses mainly on our body movement and sensations. Types of body meditation are Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai-Chi and body scanning. Mind Meditation focuses mainly on mind. Types of mind meditation are Counting Breath ,Transcendental meditation, mantra meditation and visualization. Emotional meditation focuses on emotions. Types of emotional meditation are Breath work, tapping and somatic therapy. Wisdom meditation focuses on learning the nature of mind, emotions and universal laws to build up resilience, calm, peace, joy and happiness in our daily lives. The unique facts about Matari Mediation Method is it can help the meditator achieve the Theater brain waves after a couple of minutes and keep there till the end of meditation, giving the brain maximum effect of rejuvenation. This sophisticated and transcendental meditation technique makes people transform their mind, emotions and behaviors within a short period of time.
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"Nandar is very knowledgeable, supportive and has helped me to make a leap forward in my business through her meditation guidance."


Promotional Products Expert, Business Owner

Meditation Coach

"Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world."

Paramahasha Yogananda

(The founder of Yoga)

About Us

Nandar is an experienced meditation teacher and sought-after speaker who has been practicing meditation for more than 28 years— first learning to meditate from the monks at the monasteries in her home country Myanmar (Burma). She created the Matari Meditation Method™ to help ambitious leaders achieve more in their lives and careers through powerful meditations that quickly produce tangible results.

Nandar Matari
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This channel is to inspire people to create mediation culture in their own home, work-place, and society. Peaceful people will create our peaceful world.

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Following the Spark - Meditation E-book

Following the Spark (E-book)

How Living Authentically Leads to Finding Destiny

In her autobiography, Nandar Matari shares the compelling story of how she grew up in poverty in a restrictive Buddhist society in Myanmar, her struggles to leave her country to find freedom, her disillusionment with the elusive pursuit of success in the developed world, and how she ultimately found her purpose in serving others.

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