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Meditation Programs for Individuals


Individuals Leadership Training

Individualized meditation coaching that will quantum leap your personal meditation practice, no matter how long you’ve been meditating. Learn directly from our founder, Nandar Matari, in an intimate setting that is customized to your goals and desires.


Expand your horizon with the "Matari Meditation Method

In this program:

You will learn how to meditate.

You will learn the nature of mind, becoming the master of your mind.

You will learn the universal laws and how you can use them in your daily life to feel the ease and flow of the universe. 

You will learn new and innovative ways of living which will make you happier, more peaceful.

You will be able to solve your problems effortlessly.

You will be able to manifest your goals and desires more easily.

You will be able to train yourself to integrate the energy of peace, love and happiness.

Enrollment is expected to begin in Fall 2023. Use the button below to get on the waitlist and we will notify you the moment doors open.


Let’s Begin

Schedule a call to explore your perfect option for learning meditation. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the power of Matari Meditation™ firsthand on your call with our founder, Nandar Matari.

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